10 RAYTHEON ANSCHÜTZ Smart system architecture Synapsis comes with a smart next generation system architecture this is what the NX stands for Synapsis NX Workstations can be easily configured according to customer s individual requirements The workstations share data and information via Ethernet LAN By utilizing standardized hardware components through the entire bridge navigation system and the LAN based radar transceivers and by having all sensor information enabled to LAN the architecture increases redundancy flexibility and scalability Furthermore the new system architecture reduces complexity of the system for easier instal lation higher reliability and better resistance to failures With regard to safety the system concept is designed so that a failure of a component is compensated by the redundancy concept without loss of functionality All Synapsis NX Workstations are based on the ultra compact power ful Small Marine Computer SMC The SMC features a solid state disk and passive cooling to increase reliability and lifetime The NautoScan NX radar transceivers use state of the art network technology Key benefits are the redundant Gigabit LAN video dis tribution and the raw data processing on workstation level for high flexibility and optimized performance of an individual end user application With the NautoPlex Serial to LAN converters all serial sensor data as well as status information is collected and distributed via LAN to every workstation The result reduced cabling enhanced flexibility Synapsis Remote Diagnosis is a new service which allows Raytheon Anschütz shore based service experts to check actual system sta tus and error logs via a secured connection This ensures optimized service actions with predictable results and avoids unnecessary attendance SYNAPSIS INTELLIGENT BRIDGE CONTROL ULTRA COMPACT PCS LAN BASED RADARS SEAMLESS DATA DISTRIBUTION REMOTE DIAGNOSIS OPTION

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