12 RAYTHEON ANSCHÜTZ With the new generation of Synapsis NX Raytheon Anschütz offers an effi cient approach contributing to a seamless and clear bridge sys tem design whilst providing an advanced level of integration with other bridge systems Multifunctional workstations allow operation of a variety of sensors and navigation aids directly on the screen from any bridge work place Thanks to the merits of modern network infrastructure and components operators can also access further computers and appli cations directly on the screen our solutions offer virtually unlimited fl exibility in enhancing the functionality of the system with additional and individually selected applications Thus neither the workstation hardware nor further computers or the operation devices of various navigation aids need to be installed on the bridge but can be located in a 19 quot rack off the wheelhouse in a separate technical room Advanced bridge system solutions including the integration of vir tually any third party software or workstation can also be realized through the use of a digital KVM systems Computers as well as displays and operation controls are connected to a digital matrix system which can be operated on the screen of the Synapsis NX Multifunctional Workstation or the 12 quot Synapsis NX Touch Panels A fi ngertip enables the remote display of virtually any application PC at a dedicated workplace a true any function any place principle including a hard wired fallback to primary connec tions as redundancy for the matrix itself This means a highly fl exible and ergonomical integration of the navigation and further bridge sys tems according to owner s choice and also with regard to interior design DIGITAL KVM MATRIX Highest fl exibility for advanced systems KVM Multiple displays Multiple Small Marine Computers SMCs

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