20 RAYTHEON ANSCHÜTZ MULTIFUNCTIONAL WORKSTATIONS Synapsis Radar and Chart Radar All along Raytheon Anschütz radars are known to be among the most sensitive navigation radars Thanks to advanced radar technologies and intelligent functions a strong detection performance ensures highest standard of safety even under rough weather conditions The NautoScan NX radar transceivers distribute a high fidelity radar video via Gigabit LAN which allows the processing of the radar data on workstation level The benefit is a sharp video with maximum performance with regard to target detection and collision avoidance as well as high flexibility in system configuration even for the integration of further radar ap plications such as ice or wave radars The Synapsis Radar software offers advanced processing algorithms for optimized target presentation Proven functions enable a clear situational picture and support right decision making with regard to collision avoidance and safe navigation LATEST TECHNOLOGY FOR EFFICENT COLLISION AVOIDANCE AND HIGHEST STANDARDS OF SAFETY High performance Synapsis Radar

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