RAYTHEON ANSCHÜTZ 25 UNSURPASSED FLEXIBILITY The Conning NX software features a capable editor mode which enables the creation of customized display pages with unsurpassed flexibility The editor contains a stock of flexible graphical elements just like widgets which can be selected adapted and combined as needed Thus the creation or modification of display pages requires neither a lot of time or great effort it can be done by selected yacht service partners while berthing CAPTAIN S DISPLAY The Captain s Display is a customized navigation display being linked to the navigation ethernet network with a single wire connection and combining selected navigational data on a flat screen It makes navigational information available in the captain s cabin but can also be installed at any other location on board of the mega yacht Thanks to the individual and almost unlimited configurabi lity of the display a live experience of navigation can also be provided within crew areas and even to passengers and guests on board FEATURES AT A GLANCE Additional situation awareness easily added to a system Not only a display Conning allows operating various functions depending on the individual configuration Individually adapted to the specific type of equipment Pre configured pages for different maneuvering situations Flexible application design allows creation of individual graphics pages and functions including control of external hardware Central HMI for the advanced system functions provided within the Integrated Navigation System INS Conning NX combines important navigation data at a glance The Captain apos s Display makes navigational information available anywhere aboard the yacht Conning NX serves as the central HMI for various INS functions

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