28 RAYTHEON ANSCHÜTZ SYNGUARD In view of an increasing demand for security of yachts Raytheon An schütz has developed SynGuard as an innovative and efficient ship borne security solution SynGuard is an optional task of the multi functional workstations but it can also be installed as a separate workstation with connection to the main bridge e g for the security office SynGuard is a powerful and effective solution to enhance security and maritime situational awareness It displays information provided by a series of sensors such as AIS or radar and provides early detection and identification of approaching contacts easy classification of detected targets and alarm zone monitoring geo referenced alarm zones as well as alarm zones relative to the own ship Further SynGuard integrates the control and the video display of a CCTV camera and the control of search lights or further hardware SynGuard can also feature customer specific adaptations This typi cally includes the integration of SAR modules helicopter approach tender tracking systems and further sensors such as radars sonars or optical trackers as provided or needed by the customer but can also relate to integration with other ship systems ADDED VALUE THROUGH IMPROVED SECURITY AND SITUATION AWARENESS SynGuard

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