30 RAYTHEON ANSCHÜTZ ADVANCED STEERING NautoSteer AS is the latest generation of Anschütz steering control All important components such as follow up amplifi ers autopilots interface units and alarm monitoring units are connected via redun dant CAN bus systems providing most secure data communication throughout the whole system Flexible system confi gurations in order to fulfi l sophisticated requirements Built in reliability with CAN Bus technology Fail to safe principle with integrated steering failure and wire break monitoring Clear operation in emergency situations helps the crew when time is crucial Comfortable operation with take over or give over of steering control positions Central alarm reset and central dimming Ease of installation with simplifi ed wiring and computer based commissioning NautoSteer AS is available in customized confi gurations for single and double rudder with follow up and non follow up controls PROVEN ANSCHÜTZ STEERING PERFORMANCE WITH BUILT IN RELIABILITY NautoSteer advanced steering control

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