RAYTHEON ANSCHÜTZ 33 Common look and feel on the bridge SEAMLESS DESIGN OF HARDWARE CONTROLS BlackVelvet Advanced Design is a new modular and customizable foil panel solution designed and manufactured by Raytheon Anschütz which allows creation of an eye catching seamless bridge design with standardized HMI for various bridge control devices The benefi t is having a unifi ed surface design with common lighting colors and fonts as well as foil impressed push buttons for a common haptics The foil panels are based on reliable CAN bus technology and feature newly engineered fl exibly programmable interfaces to connect with third party operation devices for example engine remote control bow and stern thrusters or azimuth controls Using the panel solution formerly inhomogeneous control devices of different manufacturers can be adapted to the well accepted Anschütz design and haptics The new Synapsis NX Touch Panels are a perfect complement to this solution focusing on a consistent look and feel fl exibility and the highest level of functionality SPACE CLEAN DESK DESIGN Multifunctional workstations allow operation of a variety of common sensors and bridge systems including navigational aids such as AIS or NAVTEX directly on the screen from any bridge workplace Thus operation devices of the respective equipment no longer need to be installed on the bridge but can be located in a rack offsite the wheel house The reduction of displays and operation devices on the main control bridge contributes to a clean lean and fl exible bridge design The smart system architecture also makes it possible to separate and locate the workstation PC s and other hardware in a 19 quot rack in a technical room away from the bridge and the consoles A well thought out bridge design contributes to fulfi lling the de mands of the owner and the interior designer regarding attractive wheelhouse surroundings making the bridge a comfortable public area containing only indispensable devices for navigation and con trol With more intelligent system functions and the new generation of multifunctional workstations Raytheon Anschütz offers an effi cient approach to a seamless and clear bridge system design Furthermore Raytheon Anschütz can conduct individual design stud ies in close cooperation with shipyards designers and 3D modelers The merit of this cooperation is to offer various visualizations of individual bridge arrangements which take into account technical feasibility as well as ergonomics spacial requirements and attractive design

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