08 RAYTHEON ANSCHÜTZ Synapsis NX Integrated Navigation System SYNAPSIS INTELLIGENT BRIDGE CONTROL Synapsis NX is type approved according to IMO performance and IEC test standards MSC 252 83 IEC 61924 2 for integrated navigation systems Compliance with these standards means higher safety as well as clear operational advantages over non compliant systems The INS automatically observes the health status of all connected workstations and sensors and informs the operator on a central display at a glance The consistent common reference system CCRS continuously monitors sensor quality to provide the entire navigation system with a best set of sensor data The central target manage ment associates tracked targets from individual radar and AIS sen sors to create new system level targets which are further processed through out the navigation network to appear consistently on any radar or ECDIS display Furthermore the intelligent handling and presentation of bridge alarms reduces operating stress but also directs attention to critical alerts and thus significantly increases safety Synapsis NX uses state of the art standardized hardware compo n ents and modular software to allow the design of very individual and future proof bridge systems This includes unsurpassed flexibility for integration of third party applications as specified by the owner e g automation engine remote control or DP system Raytheon Anschütz has further innovated the Synapsis Intelligent Bridge Control series With Synapsis NX the Integrated Navigation System INS enters the next level with regard to flexibility and scal ability integration capability and data exchange functionality and operation The Synapsis NX INS covers a new generation of task oriented multifunctional workstations advanced data management various sensors for target detection heading position and further naviga tion data and steering control systems The workstations integrate chart radar ECDIS and conning in any desired combination allow ing access to any function at any workplace on the bridge Solutions for enhanced situational awareness and security including the inte gration of camera systems can be seamlessly added

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