Where Cutting-Edge Technology…

A well thought out bridge design contributes to fulfilling the demands of the owner and the interior designer regarding attractive wheelhouse surroundings, making the bridge a comfortable public area covering only indispensable devices for navigation and control. With the new generation of multifunctional workstations and a high level of system and sensor integration, Raytheon Anschütz offers an efficient approach to contribute to a seamless and clear bridge system design.

… Meets Individual Design!

Following a harmonized product design and using state-of-the-art network infrastructure, innovative software and ultra-compact hardware platforms, Raytheon Anschütz can offer individual bridge and navigation system arrangements which take into account technical feasibility as well as ergonomics, spacial requirements and attractive design.

Customer Enjoy Clear Benefits:

Look and Feel

Raytheon Anschütz has realized a harmonized product design and standardized user interfaces for hardware controls. The screen design of radar, ECDIS and conning follows a standardized HMI to ensure a harmonized picture of the total bridge system. Of course, central switching of colors and dimming is possible throughout the whole bridge system – no limitation to the navigation system.

Lean Console Design

Multifunctional workstations allow operation of a variety of sensors and navigation aids directly on the screen, from any bridge workplace. Thanks to an advanced network infrastructure and the central data collectors, neither the workstation hardware nor the operation devices of various navigation aids need to be installed on the bridge but can be located in a rack off the wheelhouse in a separate technical room.

Seamless Surface Design

Foil panel solutions with flexibly programmable interfaces connect with formerly inhomogeneous control devices of different manufacturers. The benefit is having a unified surface design, with common lighting, colors, and fonts, as well as foil-impressed push buttons for a common haptics. The solutions can also integrate the Touch Panel-PCs which can provide the user interface for various bridge control devices.

Space Saving Hardware

All workstations are equipped with the same ultra-compact Small Marine Computer which fit any individual bridge console design. The PCs are equipped with state-of-the-art and solid-state components and were selected with a particular focus on smooth and silent operation, making the wheelhouse a comfortable place to stay.


Our solutions offer all the diverse possibilities of modern network infrastructure. With all information available on the Ethernet and displayed or operated on the workstations, various hardware can be even placed off the bridge. A new hardware generation together with a new software standard can lead to a much higher degree of individualization than before.

Functional Integration

Integrating the navigation system with other bridge systems not only improves operation and safety. Extending an operating philosophy, colors, dimming, and even the central alarm management from the navigation to selected automation or DP system displays - as far as technically feasible - further contributes to a smooth and efficient bridge layout.

Maximum Flexibility

In the past Raytheon Anschütz has worked with the world’s most prestigious shipyards for mega yachts. Based on this relationship, today we are able to provide customers with outstanding and very particular navigation solutions – with minimum limitations for a truly individual bridge.

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